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The Details

This is an experimental project in which at the end there will be a huge stadium visual full of PFPs.
To join with your PFP, you can mint your ticket NFT on Manifold for 0.005 ETH (OE). Then when you fill in the form to secure your seat, I will add the PFPs to the stadium seats accordingly.
Tickets are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum chain. At the end of the event, metadata will refresh and all ticket NFTs will turn into the final artwork.
Be a part of this huge memory on the blockchain!

We are
creating the

of web3

The Story

Just Tweeted a basic idea, never thought it would go this far. Turned out to be an experimental, fun but also collective project. Time to go big or die trying!

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The Culture

For the future generations to witness. Time to make history together. A legacy to pass with everyone who believed in this historical event.


1In what order are the seats given?
It is a first come, first served' model. Seat allocation depends on the time the forms are filled in.
2Can I give my ticket to another person?
You can sell or transfer your ticket NFT before you fill in the form to secure your seat. After the form is filled, tickets can't be changed.
3Can I change my picture after filling in the form?
Seat details are locked after you send the form and it can't be changed.
4How can I see the current status of the stadium?
Process snapshot pictures will be shared on the Twitter profile of EpikNFT. Live status might be added to the website too, details tba.
5Will I own the final picture when the minting ends?
Yes! The ticket NFT you own will automatically turn into the final image with everyone vibing in the stadium.
6Can I use a different image than my current Twitter pfp?
Yes! You may send a different link of an NFT for us to use as your picture in the stadium.
7Can I buy more than one ticket?
Yes! You can buy more than one ticket and put different pictures to the seats for each ticket you own.